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Non-Emergency Numbers

  • Sheriff's Office: 330.627.2141
  • Direct to Jail: 330.627.2170

New Automated Phone System

Posted on January 09, 2017

The Carroll County Sheriff’s office will be going to an automated phone system. This is being done to better assist the people of Carroll County and forward your non-emergency calls to where they need to be. The non-emergency phone number, 330-627-2141 will not change.

If you have an EMERGENCY where you need police, fire or medical please call 911 and give them your name, address to where you need them, a call back number that we can reach you for further information and a brief description as to what is going on. We as dispatchers know in an emergency situation it is hard to stay calm but try to speak in a normal tone and answer any questions that the dispatcher asks. Stay on the line until you are instructed to hang up.

The Carroll County Jail has a direct line to call for any jail or inmate information the number to call is 330-627-2170.

The new automated phone system is going to be a very simple process, just follow the prompts:

  1. If this is an EMERGENCY please hang up and dial 911.
  2. For the jail or inmate information press 1.
  3. For Lt. Dendak, CCW permits, finger printing, records dept. ESORN or property and evidence information press 2.
  4. For Dispatch room or any other non-emergency calls press-0.

This new system will be in effect starting this week.

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