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Emergency Alert Registration

Emergency Notifications (CCSO Alerts)

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office “CCSO” has contracted with a third-party source to provide emergency notification to citizens through text and voice messages to their home, cell phones or email.

Frequently Asked Questions about CCSO Alerts!


What are CCSO Alerts?

CCSO Alerts! is the emergency notification voice and text messaging system for Carroll County. It is used by public safety officials as a way to instantly reach voice phone numbers and mobile devices with a text when an urgent situation needs to be communicated.

How Do I Register?

Carroll County residents, business owners, and taxpayers can register by clicking here. Enter your phone number (landline, mobile/ cellular, VOIP), email address and/or text/SMS number. You will receive a text confirming that you have opted into the alert system to receive emergency notifications. Your registration information is private and will not be shared.

Do CCSO Alerts cost anything to Use?

There is no cost for an individual who has registered for the alerts; however, your cell phone carrier might charge you to receive text messages, so please check your plan.

What type of Alerts will I receive?

You will only receive emergency notifications, severe weather warnings and other county notices. You can choose to have a voice message, a text message to your cell phone or PDA, or an email address.

Will all cellular phone carriers deliver CCSO Alerts! messages?

Yes, our County service provider works with all major cellular phone providers. Text messages will be sent to your carrier for delivery to your phone. While it is extremely unlikely that you would not receive an alert message, signal strength and other issues with your carrier could impact delivery to your phone.

Will I receive ads or SPAM on my phone?

No. Inspiron Logistics, the company behind the Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS) does not tolerate spam text or email messages. Inspiron Logistics maintains an anti-spam policy as part of the compliance to operat with Tier 1 provisioning with all of the major North American carriers. Tier 1 provisioning is only granted to top emergency officials and the WENS system. This means that when the mobile networks are completely congested, the only messages allowed to go through are those with Tier 1 provisioning as a matter of priority.

Can I register all of my family members to receive alerts?

Yes. There are two ways to do this:

  1. You may register as one voice phone number with multiple cellular numbers for text alerts and email's or
  2. You can individually register so that all of your phone numbers receive a voice message and a text message. You can only have one phone number for the voice message per subscriber. It is flexible and easily expandable to meet your particular emergency notification needs.

What do you mean only one "voice" message per subscriber?

CCSO Alerts! will send one voice message to each person who signs up, (aka subscriber). It will send multiple text messages to that one subscriber using a cellular phone number, or email address. You will see many devices listed on the sign-up page.

I don't use text messages. Can I receive CCSO Alerts! by email?

Yes, when you sign up online, fill in your email address in the proper field. You will be sent your emergency notification through the email address that you registered.

Exactly what phones will be able to receive these voice alerts?

All cellular phones, including private numbers.
All landline phones, including unlisted numbers.
All VOIP phones, including unlisted numbers.

Exactly what phones or devices will get the text alerts?

  • Cellular phones with text capabilities
  • Any carrier Blackberry-IPhone-PDA's
  • Email accounts with any service provider (Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Google, etc...)

What happens if I change my mobile carrier and receive service through another company?

Nothing will change. You will still receive CCSO Alerts! as long as you have the same phone number.

What happens if I change my phone number?

You will need to re-register so that you can resume receiving CCSO Alerts! notifications.

How can I stop receiving the alerts?

There are a few ways to cancel it:

  1. Click here and complete the form.
  2. You can simply text STOP to 69310 from your phone
  3. You can send an email to:

I do not have internet access, how can I sign up to get the voice messages?

Simply call 330-627-0003 to sign up for CCSO Alerts! we will do it for you.