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Real Estate Sales

List of Sales

Sale DateCase No.PlaintiffDefendantAppraised ValueLocationSellAmount SoldPurchaser
1/24/1716CVE28410The Huntington National BankJames A. Albert, et al$135,000.00112 Josh Lane NW, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$127,900.00Third Party
1/24/1715CVE28218Bank of America, N.A.Shane P. Neice, et al$126,000.004170 Mayham Rd. NE, Carrollton, OH 44615CANCELLED
1/31/1716CVE28613The Huntington National BankJames E. Osborne, et al$39,000.008540 Walnut St., Sherrodsville, OH 44675SOLD$30,000.00THE HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK
1/31/1716CVE28462Consumers National BankUnk Heirs of Mervin E. Keen, Deceased$30,000.00126 Arbor Rd., Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$35,000.00Third Party
1/31/1716CVE28407Jeff Yeager, TreasurerPhyllis Gates, et al$18,000.007020 Lilac Rd., Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$36,000.00Third Party
1/31/1716CVE2857821st Mortgage CorporationDouglas P. James, et al$15,000.00456 Steubenville Rd., Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$30,000.0021ST MORTGAGE CORP.
1/31/1715CVE28349Jeff Yeager, TreasurerHarold E. Stamper, et al$12,000.001199 Steubenville Rd SE, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$27,000.00Third Party
1/31/1716CVE28549Ditech Financial, LLCLoretta Christner, Deceased, et al$42,000.007001, 7005, 7009 Autumn Rd., Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$30,000.00DITECH FINANCIAL LLC
2/28/1716CVE28609Bruner Land Co., IncJackie L. Schoeppner, et al$30,000.006.800 acres, corner of Linden & Lorric Rds., Brwon Twp.WITHDRAWN
2/28/1716CVE28569The Huntington National BankKevin L. Dunlap, et al$51,000.0042 Fourth St. SE, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$36,000.00HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK
2/28/1715CVE28218Bank of America, N.A.Shane P. Neice, et al$126,000.004170 Mayham Rd. NE, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$151,6000.00BANK OF AMERICA
3/28/201716CVE28548U.S. Bank, N.A.James M. Bethel, et al$240,000.0095 W Mohawk Dr., Malvern, OH 44644SOLD$220,433.57U.S.BANK, N.A.
3/28/201716CVE28654Nationstar Mortgage, LLCDavid L. Blankenship, et al$117,000.002110 Chase Rd. SE, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$78,390.00NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC
3/28/201714CVE27820U.S. Bank, N.A.Joseph A. Day, et al$99,000.007284 Halo Rd. Magnolia, OH 44643CANCELLED/BANKRUPCY
3/28/201716CVE28517U.S. Bank, N.A.Jesse L. Jones, et al$63,000.0010425 Briar Road NW, Mineral City, OH 44656CANCELED
4/18/201716CVE28665MyCUmortgage, LLCElaine M. Oliver, et al99,000.0081 S. Lynnwood Dr., Magnolia, OH 44643WITHDRAWN
4/18/201716CVE28416Jeff Yeager, TreasurerMark T. Kocher, et al$36,000.00633 Wilson St., Malvern, OH 44644SOLD$24,000.00THRID PARTY PURCHASER
4/18/201716CVE28652The Huntington National BankJason S. Earley, et al$45,000.008132 Andora Rd., Mechanicstown, OH 44651SOLD$46,000.00HUNTINGTON BANK
4/18/201716CVE28418Navy Federal Credit UnionKylie M. Davenport, et al$60,000.00144 Arrow Rd. SW, Carrollton, OH 44615WITHDRAWN
4/18/201715CVE28239Carrington Mortgage Services, LLCKristen E. Sarty, et al$75,000.009056 Scio Rd. SE, Scio, OH 43988SOLD$50,000.00CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICES
4/18/201716CVE28634The Huntington National BankDavid A. Levengood, et al$78,000.009173 Autumn Rd. SW, Bowerston, OH 44695CANCELLED
5/16/201716CVE28627Keybank, N.A.James M. Lowe, et al$39,000.004219 Ruby Rd. NW, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$51,705.00THIRD PARTY
5/16/201716CVE28660New Penn Financial, LLCJohn F. Edmond Jr., et al$81,000.002160 Brenner Rd. NE, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$96,000.00NEW PENN FINANCIAL, LLC
5/16/201715CVE28177Nationstar Mortgage, LLCGerald L. Williamson, et al$84,000.00568 12th St. NW, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$68,000.00THIRD PARTY
5/16/201716CVE28646Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.John Brunner, et al$39,000.001238 Clover St. NW, Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$31,170.00THIRD PARTY
5/16/201716CVE28517U.S. Bank, N.A.Jesse L. Jones, et al$63,000.0010425 Briar Rd. NW, Mineral City, OH 44656SOLD$86,690.00US BANK, NA
5/16/201715CVE28111Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Diane M. Shaffer nka Diane M. Henderson, et al$90,000.004138 Apollo Rd. SE, Amsterdam, OH 43903SOLD$95,000.00WELLS FARGO BANK, NA
6/13/201716CVE28592SunTrust Mortgage, IncRonald M. Bentley II, et al$57,000.00192 4th St. SE, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$42,000.00SUNTRUST MORTGAGE INC
6/13/201717CVE28712The Huntington National BankJohn E. Grimes, et al$30,000.008288 Edwards Ave. SE, Amsterdam OH 43903SOLD$20,000.00HUNTINGTON BANK
6/13/201716CVE28672PNC Bank, N.A.Martin F. Miller, et al$42,000.00505 Valley St., Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$28,000.00PNC BANK
6/13/201716CVE28574Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Rebecca D. Harkless, et al$45,000.007 South Ohio St., Dellroy, OH 44620WITHDRAWN
7/11/201716CVE28516PNC, Bank, N.A.Unk Spouse Heirs Creditors Executors Administrators Legatees & Divisees, if any of Kenneth W. Harris, Deceased, et al$21,000.00516 North Reed St., Malvern, OH 44644SOLD$14,000.00THIRD PARTY
7/11/201715CVE28339PNC Bank, N.A.Douglas C. Bond, Administrator of the Estate of Merna M. Nelson, et al$39,000.00270 Bark Rd. SW, Dellroy, OH 44620SOLD$47,000.00THIRD PARTY
8/15/201717CVE28738Ditech Financial LLCScott Ray, et al$18,000.001214 Clover St. NW, Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$12,000.00DITECH FINANCIAL, LLC
8/15/201717CVE28742Bank of America, N.A.Jeffrey F. Martin, et al$90,000.003215 Gorge Rd SW, Dellroy, OH 44620SOLD$88,920.00BANK OF AMERICA, N.A.
8/15/201717CVE28693CIT Bank, N.A.Timothy D. Hutchins, et al$69,000.0010015 Linden Rd NW, Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$46,000.00CIT BANK, N.A.
9/5/201716CVE28665MyCUmortgage, LLCElaine M. Oliver, et al$99,000.0081 S. Lynnwood Dr., Magnolia, OH 44643WITHDRAWN
9/5/201717CVE28764The Citizens Savings BankDarby W. Caldwell, et al$48,000.007140 Crane Rd., Sherrodsville, OH 44675SOLD$32,000.00CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK
9/5/201717CVE28786JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Michael A. Celano, Jr., as Heir and Real Estate Beneficiary to the Estate of Michael A. Celano, Sr., et al$42,000.00230 S. Reed Ave., Malvern, OH 44644SOLD$28,270.75JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A.
10/17/201717CVE28720JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Leonard J. Forester, et al$54,000.00416 East Porter St., Malvern, OH 44644SOLD$52,440.00JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A.
11/7/201717CVE28790KeyBank, N.A.James E. Johnson, et al$63,000.007378 Canton Rd. NW, Malvern, OH 44644SOLD$64,184.56KEYBANK, N.A.
11/7/201717CVE28760PennyMac Loan Services, LLCMandy H. Feck, et al$69,000.006556 Roswell Rd. SW, Sherrodsville, OH 44675SOLD$55,200.00THIRD PARTY PURCHASER
11/7/201717CVE28744Nationstar Mortgage, LLCThe Unk Successor Trustees and/or Beneficiaries of the Lewis Family Trust$45,000.0027 North Smith St., Dellroy, OH 44620SOLD$30,000.00NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE, LLC
11/7/201716CVE28515The Bank of New York MellonMary Weaver, et al$6,000.003025 Gem Rd. NW, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$6,000.00BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON
11/7/201716CVE28525The Bank of New York MellonDouglas E. Miller, et al$81,000.001074 Long St. SE, Carrollton, OH 44615WITHDRAWN
11/28/201716CVE28418Navy Federal Credit UnionKylie M. Davenport, et al$60,000.00144 Arrow Rd. SW, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$50,000.00NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION
11/28/201717CVE28822Jeff Yeager, TreasurerWilliam A. Cochran, et al$9,000.006729 Morningside Dr., Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$17,000.00THIRD PARTY PURCHASER
11/28/201717CVE28709Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Thomas R. George, et al$60,000.00331 Park Ave. NE, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$40,000.00WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.
*12/5/201717CVE28823Jeff Yeager, TreasurerSheri A. Schuler, et al$30,000.002061 Wedge Rd. Carrollton, OH 44615NO BIDDERS
12/19/201711CVE26802BAC Hom Loans Servicing, LPMichael R. Johnson, et al$66,000.006078 Glen Drive, Sherrodsville, OH 44657
12/19/201716CVE28396PNC Bank, N.A.Holly N. Carrick, et al$45,000.0014 N Arch Street, Dellroy, OH 44620
12/19/201717CVE28832US Bank, N.A.Louis F. Champney, III, et al$42,000.0008570 Memorial Rd, Kensington, OH 44427

Requirements for Sheriff Sale Foreclosures

Sheriff sales are held Tuesdays at 10:00a.m in the lobby of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. All sales are pursuant to the provision of the Ohio Revised Code.

2nd Sale Date

There will be a second sale date for every unsold property. The second sale date will have no minimum bid. Although there is no minimum bid, purchaser is responsible for costs, allowances and real estate taxes the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover. The purchaser will follow the same deposit amount as the first sale requirements.

3rd party purchasers be advised: If you are the highest bidder of a property, the plaintiff has the right to reverse the sale and can buy the property back for the amount you bid. The plaintiff has 14 days from the sale date to redeem the property. The deposit you made will be returned to you.

Electronic Bidding

The judgment creditor and/or any lienholder(s) are entitled to submit a bid via email or fax prior to 4:30 p.m. the business day directly before the sale. The judgment creditor and/or any lienholder(s) bids are not disclosed until the time of the sale. This bid will be the opening bid. The Sheriff's Office will only give the maximum bid of the judgment creditor and/or lienholders(s) at the sale. The purchaser information form must accompany the bid.

Fax Number: 330-476-5139. Bids may only be submitted by the plaintiff and must be received by 4:30pm, the day before the scheduled sale.


If the purchase price is:

  • Less than $10,000 = Deposit of $2,000
  • Greater than $10,001, but less than $200,000 = Deposit of $5,000
  • Greater than $200,001 = Deposit of $10,000

Buyer beware that he/she may be responsible any and all outstanding costs.


When and where are Sheriff Sales held?

Sheriff Sale foreclosures are conducted on Tuesdays at 10:00am on listed dates.

Sales are held in the lobby of the sheriff’s office.

How do I find out about upcoming sales?

Sales are posted on the Carroll County Sheriff’s website and also advertised in the Carrollton Free Press Standard newspaper.

Can I pre-register?

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office does not pre-register for sales.

Can I submit a bid before the sale?

No bids accepted prior to the sale.

Can I view a property before the sale?

The sheriff’s office does not have keys to the properties. The Sheriff’s office nor any affiliates have access to the inside of said property.

Where can I find a property description?

A complete property description may be found at the recorder’s office.

What form of payment is accepted?

Certified, cashier’s or personal check.

When is the balance due?

The balance is due 30 days from the date of the sale upon receipt of the confirmation entry.

Are there any liens against the property?

All liens are to be cancelled by the plaintiff’s attorney and a clear titled deed issued.

*All sales are “buyer beware”.