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Real Estate Sales

List of Sales

Sale DateCase No.PlaintiffDefendantAppraised ValueLocationSellAmount SoldPurchaser
1/22/201918CVE29050The Huntington National BankChad R. Albright, et al$45,0002854 Ivory Rd, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$42,000THIRD PARTY
2/12/201918CVE29086PNC, Bank, N.A.The Unknown Heirs of Herman Bentley, et al$126,0001262 Mace Rd. NE, Carrollton, OH 44615CANCELLED
3/26/201918CVE29140Residential BancorpTaylor J. Norman, et al$90,0006085 Avalon Rd. NW, Malvern, OH 44644CANCELLED
4/16/201918CVE29177Bayview Loan Servicing, LLCDavid W. Laney, et al$72,0008135 Salineville Rd. NE, Mechanicstown, OH 44651CANCELLED
4/16/201918CVE2902921st Mortgage CorporationDuane P. Bowyer, et al$78,0008201 Chalon Rd., Scio, OH 43988SOLD$78,000THIRD PARTY
5/14/201918CVE29128Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSBCharles E. James, et al$96,000462 Steubenville Rd. SE, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$64,000WILMINGTON SAVINGS FUND SOCIETY, FSB
6/25/201919CVE29225Bruner Land Co., IncWilliam Milner, et al$33,000Corner of Lorric Rd NW & Linden Rd NW, Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$36,000BRUNER LAND CO
6/25/201918CVE29198The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co., N.A.Unknown Heirs of Richard L. Willis, et al$72,0009241 Arrow Rd. NW, Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$48,000THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON TRUST CO
7/9/201918CVE29084Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.Samantha E. Colosimo, et al$90,0005100 Autumn Rd. SW, Carrollton, OH 44615CANCELLED
7/9201919CVE29226PNC Bank, N.A.Richard A. Keiser, et al$30,0003340 Lombardy Rd. SW, Sherrodsville, OH 44657SOLD$35,000PNC BANK
7/9/201919CVE29233Bank of America, N.A.Richard W. Leidner, et al$75,0009013 Blade Rd. NW, Malvern, OH 44644SOLD$87,000THIRD PARTY
7/30/201919CVE29227The Huntington National BankCarrie A. Fraser nka Carrie A. Mihal, et al$42,0008075 Swift Rd. NW, Waynesburg, OH 44688SOLD$28,000HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK
7/30/201919CVE29251Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSBShelly L. Film, aka Shelly L. Anderson, et al$51,0006982 Alliance Rd. NW, Malvern, OH 44644CANCELED
7/30/201919CVE29240U.S. Bank, N.A.John M. Phillips, et al$57,000205 Bridge St., Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$38,000U.S. BANK
8/20/201919CVE29224U.S. Bank Trust, N.A.Gale R. Boring, et al$39,0008087 Magnet Rd. NE, Minerva, OH 44657CANCELLED
8/20/201918CVE29199KeyBank, N.A.Therese A.. Beverly htta Therese A. Raines, et al$39,0003686 Steubenville Rd., Amsterdam, OH 43903SOLD$26,000KEYBANK, N.A.
8/27/201918CVE29140Residential BancorpTaylor J. Norman, et al$90,0006085 Avalon Rd NW, Malvern, OH 44644CANCELLED
8/27/201918CVE29084Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.Samantha E. Colosimo, et al$90,0005100 Autumn Rd SW, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$80,000DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST CO
10/8/201919CVE29315Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.Stephen R. Belopotosky, et al$60,0008373 Seeman Dr. SW, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$40,000METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO
10/8/201919CVE29297PNC Bank, Inc.Rebecca L. Neidig, et al$42,000740 Lincoln Ave. NW, Carrollton, OH 44615SOLD$28,000PNC BANK
11/5/201919CVE29296Wells Fargo USA Holdings, Inc.Beverly A. Luff, et al$69,0007348 Roswell Rd SW, Sherrodsville, OH 44675SOLD$46,000WELLS FARGO
12/24/201919CVE29330myCUmortgage, LLCBrandon F. Morrow, et al$66,0009161 Berry Rd NE, Kensington, OH 44427CANCELLED
1/14/202019CVE29251Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSBShelly L. film, aka Shelly L. Anderson, et al$48,0006982 Alliance Rd. NW, Malvern, OH 44644VACATED
1/14/202018CVE29140Residential BancorpTaylor J. Norman, et al$90,0006085 Avalon Rd. NW, Malvern, OH 44644CANCELLED
3/3/202019CVE29224U.S. Bank Trust, N.A.Gale R. Boring, et al$39,0008087 Magnet Rd. NE, Minerva, OH 44657SOLD$26,000US BANK TRUST, N.A.
4/14/202019CVE29251Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSBShelly L. Film, aka Shelly L. Anderson, et al$48,0006982 Alliance Rd. NW, Malvern, OH 44644CANCELLED
4/14/202019CVE29441The Huntington National BankPaul E. Durbin, et al$30,000316 East Grant Street, Malvern, OH 44644CANCELLED
7/14/202009CVE29512Tammac Holdings CorporationThe Unknown Heirs of Thomas J. Proctor, et al.$30,0001180 Bacon Rd Carrollton, OH 44614SOLD$32,001.Third Party
8/25/202019CVE29441The Hunington National BankPaul E Drubin, et al$30,000.316 East Grant Street Malvern,Oh 44644SOLD31700.00The Hunington National Bank
8/18/202019CVE29330myCUmortgageBrandon F. Morrow et al.$42,000.9161 Berry Rd NE Kensington, Oh 44427CANCELLED
09/01/202019CVE29454U.S. Bank National AssociationTimothy W. Zucher et al$42,000.41 Penny Rd SW Carrollton, Oh 44615SOLD$46000.00THIRD PARTY
09/01/202020CVE29508Jeff Yeager Carroll County TreasurerEstate of Stanley Ray Hall, Deceased, et al$3000.Cashmere Rd, Perry Twp, Scio Ohio 43988CANCELLED
09/29/202020CVE29508Jeff Yeager Carroll County TreasurerEstate of Stanley Ray Hall, Deceased, et al$12,000.00Cashmere Rd, Perry Twp, Scio Ohio 43988SOLD$15,500.00THIRD PARTY
09/29/202020CVE29487Freedom Mortgage Corporation Nickolas Helderman et, al $153,000.005239 Avon Rd NE Carrollton, Ohio 44615SOLD$167,320.00FREEDOM MORTGAGE
10/13/2020CVE29518Bruner Land Company George Long Jr et,al$30,000.008774 Cottage Rd Dennison Ohio SOLD$42,000.00BRUNER LAND COMPANY INC
5/11/20212020CVE29497WELLS FARGO BANK NAJeanette R. Orsetti , AKA Jeanette Orsetti , et al.$63,000.006040 Arrow Rd NW Carrollton Ohio 44615SOLD$90,722.11WELLS FARGO BANK NA
7/13/20212021CVE29724Consumers National BankChristopher W. Easlick ET AL$120,000.008232 Oakdale Avenue S.E. Amsterdam, Oh 43903SOLD$80,000.00CONSUMERS NATIONAL BANK
7/13/20212021CVE29698US Bank National AssociationJoseph A. McNutt ET AL$69,000.007099 Lark Rd NW Malvern, Oh 44644SOLD$83,215.00US NATIONAL ASSOCIATION
8/17/2021 2021CVE29759MIDFIRST BANKJedediah D. Lewis AKA Jedediah Lewis ET AL$90,000.006216 Hilltop Street SW Carrollton Oh 44615 👀SOLD$116,560.00MIDFIRST BANK
11/16/20212019CVE29251Wilmington Savings Fund SocietyShelly Film AKA Shelly L. Film AKA Shelly Lynn Film AKA Shelly L Anderson$48,000.006982 Alliance Rd NW Malvern, Ohio 44644SOLD$86,000.00THIRD PARTY
11/30/212021CVE29826Jeff Yeager Carroll County TreasureKevin P. Depalmo ,ET AL$9600.0080 Arbor Rd Minerva Ohio 44657SOLD$9600.00THIRD PARTY
2/1/222019CVE29458Deutsche Bank National Trust CompanyMatthew Phillips, ET AL.$75,000.00650 Courtview Drive, Carrollton, Ohio 44615SOLD$120,000.00THIRD PARTY
2/1/20222019CVE29829Jeff Yeager Carroll County TreasurerJoy A. Leglise ET AL.$66,000.00407 Murray Avenue, Minerva, Ohio 44657SOLD$52,000.00THIRD PARTY
3/15/20222021CVE29872Jeff Yeager Carroll County TreasureDANIEL R. JOHNSON, ET AL$7500.008069 Walnut St SW, Sherrodsville, Ohio 44675SOLD$10,200.00THIRD PARTY
3/15/20222019CVE29422Fifth Third Bank Erin R. Roskos, ET AL$84,000.008471 Walnut St SW, Sherrodsville, Ohio 44675SOLD$66,000.00FIFTH THIRD BANK
4/19/20222021CVE29873Jeff Yeager Carroll County TreasureBeula C. Krause ET AL$33,000.00753 Robertsville Rd. Malvern, Ohio 44644CANCELLED 3/18/2022
4/26/20222021CVE29873Jeff Yeager Carroll County TreasureBeula C. Krause ET AL$29,000.00753 Robertsville Rd. Malvern, Ohio 44644CANCELLED 4/22/2022
5/17/20222020CVE29585Wells Fargo Bank, National AssociationWarren E. Kelm, ET AL$180,000.0038 Shoshone Trail , Malvern, Ohio 44644CANCELLED 5/2/2022
5/24/20222021CVE29873 TAX SALEJeff Yeager Carroll County TreasurerBeula C. Krause ET AL$29,000.00 payment required at time of sale 753 Robertsville Rd. Malvern, Ohio 44644SOLD55,000.00THIRD PARTY
8/30/20222022CVE29943Alantica, LLCJackie Roudebush nka Jackie Salsberry, ET AL.$180,000.005179 Brocade Road SE Amsterdam, Ohio 43903sold $54,622.00Atlantica, LLC
9/20/20222022CVE29953Fantastic Homes LLCKevin Byrd, ET AL$12,000.001220 Clover NW Street Minerva, Ohio 44657SOLD$15,000.00FANTASTIC HOMES LLC
REAL AUCTION SALE 2/6/20222022CVE29978Cross Country Mortgage, LLCKeeley L Freeland ET AL$39,000.006054 Factor Rd SW, Sherrodsville Ohio 44675SOLD$26,000.00CROSS COUNTRY MORTGAGE


The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office will conduct the sale of all real estate subject to foreclosure on the “Official Public Sheriff’s Sale Website”, which is operated by Realauction based on a contract with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. The process and procedures under which these sales will be completed are detailed at the Realauction website All prospective bidders should familiarize themselves with this new process.

Changes do not affect tax sales. These sales will continue to be posted on the Carroll County Sheriff's Office website ( and conducted at the Sheriff's Office.

In general, the following key points are noted:

  • All person(s) who want to bid on a property offered by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office must register with Realauction. Registration will include completion of the Purchaser Information Form.
  • Properties will be open for bid, at least seven days immediately prior to the date of sale. This is generally known as a proxy bid.
  • Each Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time (EST), the online auction will begin. Auction will be conducted for each individual property; however only one property will be sold at a time. After a property is sold the next scheduled property sale will begin.
  • To be a qualified participant, bidders must submit a deposit based on the total deposit requirement ($2,000/ $5,000/ $10,000 set by law) for all properties on which the bidder wishes to bid by the predefined deadlines. The only acceptable deposit types are bank wire transfer or ACH, no cash deposits will be accepted. All Wire Deposits must be received by 5 p.m. EST two (2) business days before the auction sale date. All ACH Deposits must be initiated by 4 p.m. EST five (5) business days before the auction sale date. It is the responsibility of the bidder to plan ahead and allow enough time for their bidding deposits to be received and processed within the timeframes described above.
  • The final payment for the sale MUST be in the form of a cashier’s or certified check payable to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. The final payment will be paid at the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office will contact purchaser upon receiving confirmation of Sale and delivery of deed.

MORTGAGE FORECLOSURES – sold online on Tuesday at 10:00 AM (when scheduled)

NOTE: TAX FORECLOSURES – Tax foreclosures will remain the same as previous. All tax foreclosures will be sold in the lobby of Carroll County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM ( when scheduled )


RealAuction will conduct webinar training classes. Training classes will be held via the Internet on a regular schedule. These webinar classes generally last 90 minutes and specifically cover the use of the software. Attendance is by registration only.

For additional information or to register for a webinar, please contact the RealAuction Customer Service at (954) 734-7401 or toll free at (877) 361-7325. Customer Service can also be reached via email at


  • We suggest that prospective buyers become pre-approved for their loans.
  • Purchaser shall be responsible for costs, allowances, and taxes that proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover.
  • Inside inspections are not done on appraisals. The Sheriff and appraisers are not liable for the condition of the property. The Sheriff’s Office, nor any affiliates, have access to the inside of said property, including appraisals for bank loans.
  • Only the real estate taxes as ordered by the Court are paid.
  • We do not provide financing.
  • We do not provide purchase agreements.
  • Houses are not always vacant and the purchaser may need to have an order of possession issued to have the defendants removed at the buyer’s cost.
  • If the buyer does not provide the remaining balance due on the property, the buyer could lose his/her down payment and be held in contempt of court.

For more information, please visit: https://carroll.sheriffsaleauc...


When and where are Sheriff Sales held?

Sheriff Sale foreclosures are conducted on Tuesdays at 10:00am on listed dates.

Sales are held in the lobby of the sheriff’s office.

How do I find out about upcoming sales?

Sales are posted on the Carroll County Sheriff’s website and also advertised in the Carrollton Free Press Standard newspaper.

Can I pre-register?

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office does not pre-register for sales.

Can I submit a bid before the sale?

Yes, early bids may be placed on the website listed above.

Can I view a property before the sale?

The sheriff’s office does not have keys to the properties. The Sheriff’s office nor any affiliates have access to the inside of said property.

Where can I find a property description?

A complete property description may be found at the recorder’s office.

What form of payment is accepted?

Certified, cashier’s or personal check.

When is the balance due?

The balance is due 30 days from the date of the sale upon receipt of the confirmation entry.

Are there any liens against the property?

All liens are to be cancelled by the plaintiff’s attorney and a clear titled deed issued.

*All sales are “buyer beware”.