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**Medicare SCAM ALERT**

Posted on April 16, 2018

**SCAM ALERT** During the period of April 2018-April 2019, Medicare will begin sending out new cards to beneficiaries that will replace all current Medicare cards. The new cards will be using an alphanumeric ID system instead of social security numbers.

The SCAM: Fake Medicare reps will call to tell you that you will be getting a new card, but that you will need a temporary card until it arrives, and will ask you to pay a fee of approx. $50.00 They will ask you for your pe...rsonal information so that they can process your temporary card. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION!! HANG UP THE PHONE!!

NEED TO KNOW: Medicare will NEVER call you unless you ask them to. Medicare does all communication by mail, and this also goes for any other agency claiming to work with Medicare.


*Spread the word!  Especially to elderly who may not use the internet.

 *Screen your calls. If you do not recognize the number, do not answer. Let them leave you a message on voicemail or the answering machine. 

*NEVER give out your personal info (bank, credit/debit, or SSN) over the phone if YOU have not initiated the call.

 *If this has already happened to you, a family member, or friend and personal information has been given out please call our office at (330) 627-2141 We will need to send you a police officer or deputy to make a report on this.

Sheriff Dale R. Williams

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